How to identify the "financial respondent"?

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How to identify the "financial respondent"?

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Excuse me,I want to ask about the "financial respondent" of each family.
How can I identify who (which individual ID) is the household's "financial respondent"? Because in the dataset 「household_income.dta」 that requires financial respondents to answer, there is no individual ID , only the household ID. Or which dataset can I find the individual ID of "financial respondent"?

What's more, I try to identify the individual ID of financial respondent by question ga000_w4, but it is not clear which family role options 97 and 98 refer to respectively. Does it correspond to individual ID? It can be found that the sample size of 97 and 98 is relatively large. Do these two options refer to "main respondent" or "spouse" respectively?
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Thank you very much!


我尝试利用ga000_w4: Financial Respondent来识别,但是不清楚选项中的97和98分别指的哪个家庭角色?是否可以对应到individual(ID)?附件为2018年数据的codebook中ga000_w4的数据分布,可以发现选择97和98样本量较大,请问这两个选项是分别指代“主要受访者”和“配偶”吗?